Lifted Off Road Jeep Wrangler | Mad Rock Edition | Rocky Ridge Trucks
Mad Rock Makes You Unstoppable Nothing compares to the Jeep Wrangler Mad Rock from Rocky Ridge, for the driver looking to take down mud and mountains.
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Mad Rock is Ready for Any Challenge

When you get behind the wheel of this custom lifted Jeep Wrangler from Rocky Ridge, you’re going to feel like you can go anywhere and do anything. This custom lifted Jeep will give you the power to completely conquer the outdoors. This beast also has an aggressive look that will turn heads everywhere you drive it. The Mad Rock package from Rocky Ridge is a mean off-road machine ready to ford streams and climb mountains.

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Mad Rock is a Monster Jeep

There’s no denying the how tough the Mad Rock Jeep Wrangler from Rocky Ridge truly is. With its tall lift kit and enormous off-road tires, Mad Rock will make you feel like you’re at the top of the world. It can probably take you there too. See more about what makes the Mad Rock package so awesome.

Dominate Everything From the Road to the Outdoors

When you want something ready to feed your wild side, you want the Mad Rock custom lifted Jeep Wrangler. A 3.5-inch lift kit teams up with 20-inch black powder coated wheels to give you the ground clearance you need to tackle any obstacle. Rocky Ridge Pure Drive technology gives you the smoothest ride and handling possible, whether you take it to the road or the trail.

Go Anywhere And Blaze Your Own Trail

The Mad Rock package from Rocky Ridge is for the person who follows their own path. You’re the kind of driver who doesn’t just drive on the road, you make their own. Custom bumpers and fender flares make this one of the toughest looking Jeep Wranglers you’ll ever see. Feel empowered to wherever you want when you get into the driver’s seat of the Mad Rock lifted Jeep from Rocky Ridge.