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Get Charged Up with the SC560 Looking to make your truck bigger and faster? The supercharged SC560 has the speed and power to get it done.
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The SC560 Pushes the Limit

Are you the kind of person looking to take your truck to the limit? Get ready to rock your lifted truck to the max with the SC560 edition from Rocky Ridge. Our experts added a GenThree Callaway superchargers system and a range of other performance upgrades to pull a whopping 560 horsepower and 553 foot-pounds of torque from these monsters. That’s the kind of power that demands to be respected. Look below for more details about this high-performance upfit from Rocky Ridge.

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Explore the Performance Features of the SC560

The SC560 package from Rocky Ridge is ready to take the performance for your lifted truck to the extreme. Take a closer peek at the heat this performance truck is packing.

Gets Revved Up With Supercharged Power

Experience the sheer force of 560 stampeding horses under the hood of your truck. An iconic Callaway supercharger will get you ready to blow the doors off anything on the road. The GenThree supercharger includes a Callaway “Honker” air intake system to give your engine the flow it needs to perform at its best. Thanks to the 560 SAE-rated horsepower, this big bad truck also sports a whopping 553 foot-pounds of torque. Thanks to all this power, the SC560 will have you ready to dominate the track or the trail.

Head-Turning Style Premium Looks & Performance

The SC560 from Rocky Ridge is much more than impressive specs. We built this truck to give you everything you need to get the most from what’s under the hood. Our 4-inch custom-developed suspension lift kit keeps you riding high while also providing the handling you need to take turns at high speeds or even go off-road with confidence. We also made sure the interior is just as awesome. A custom Rocky Ridge Callaway dash plaque makes sure passengers know the deal while carbon fiber interior trim lends an extra degree of sophistication to this serious machine.